Fruit juice (Nectar and Drink)

NAGY FOODS Produce juices under the brand name (NAGY FOODS) & under the client’s private brand names.
We are using the best types of fruits pulp and concentrates for making beverages and juices in several specifications according to customer requirements & there are two standard types of juices we have:-
– Nectar 25 – 35% fruit pulp or fruit concentrate.
– Drink 10-15% fruit pulp or fruit concentrate.
• Packaging in glass bottles of 200 & 250 ml and 1 liter.
We can also packing according to customer specification required.
– Full data is available on packages in the main languages (Arabic – English – French – Germany) & as client’s requested.
–  Kinds available are (Mango – Guava – Apple – Cocktail – Orange – Pineapple – Strawberry – Apricot – grape)
We can provide different items in the case of the client request.