Frozen Vegetables & Fruits

NAGY FOODS Produce frozen vegetables and fruit under the brand name NAGY FOODS and accept producing under the client’s private brand names.
• We have several weights, starting from a standard 400 gm and to one ton as follows:
– 400 gm × 20 bags in a carton
– 1 Kg × 10 bags in a carton
– 2.5 Kg × 4 bags in a carton
– 10 Kg × 1 bag in a carton
– 1 ton × 1 bag in Octabinz
• We accept producing in weights, sizes and specifications of client’s request.
– Uses the best raw fresh vegetables and follow quality conditions and safety in all steps of the manufacturing, Also used the best quality of packaging bags of an authorized for food polyethylene & double cartons treated against humidity.
– Sizes Bags and cartons sizes fixed to be the perfect for care about the products condition during exporting & in refrigerator until use.
• We have (Okra- Beans – Peas – Mix Vegetables – Islands – Potato – Jew – Spinach – Taro – Broccoli – Cauliflower – Green Beans – Artichokes – Strawberry)
– And also we can handle and freeze the other products as client’s request.
– The data printed on the packaging in all the basic languages (English – French – Italian), also we can print the data in any language required by the client.